Vision of Health with Homeopathy in our society

We want to provide thoughtful, reasoned, responsible information by using homeopathy and all that it implies. Unfortunately, there are many gaps in our present understanding of the specifics of how to use homeopathy on a national scale.

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According to the former National Council Against Health Fraud, the goal is to, with other homeopathy websites, present articles and essays from many different opinion leaders in homeopathy. They may not always agree. Such is the nature of opinions. Additionally, we will be working with other homeopathic organizations to create emergency homeopathic assistance teams. It is our firm belief that homeopathy has much to offer in the immediate aftermath of a crisis as well as in the preparation for it. Further, homeopaths must be involved in the initial assessment if we are to rapidly determine the genus epidemicus that will aid in the quick containment of the inciting event. We welcome your input, ideas, and personal contacts with people who may be able to be influential in furthering the use of homeopathy for the health of the nation. Please visit this site often for new information as this effort evolves.

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