My Experience with the Natural Hair Lifestyle and Homeopathy

For many older African British women, no matter what we do, there are seasons when our natural hair simply will not cooperate. I have found, during such times, that singing, or saying the lyrics to certain songs, are what gets me through.

To put you in perspective, we black women, for the most part, use many unhealthy hair products in the search of taming our unruly curls and kinks. In fact the women’s hair care industry in the United States is made up of an 80% black-female consumer base! Here in the United Kingdom that figure drops to 30%, which is still a huge figure considering that the black population in the United Kingdom barely reaches 5% of the total population.

For those of us black women seeking natural health, we have to completely wean ourselves off the nasty hair products that are targeted at us for unruly curls and instead use natural hair products,  nutrition and supplementation (best through homeopathy) to achieve healthy hair. In case you’re wondering, men are also affected in that they are prone to using chemical-full hair products that damage their health. In the case of black men, however, they only need a short amount of hair length to be able to wear natural mens hairstyles like cornrows and dreadlocks which are popular hairstyles among black men. In our case (black women), we need to invest way more time and energy into growing our manes longer so as to be able to tam the coiling effect that shrinks the length of our curly kinky hair. I may write more on the subject of hair growth for natural hair in the future, but for now, I’d rather post my personal experience in this first blog post of mine here.

My husband has cut my hair completely off 5 times (known as the “big chop”). Each time, my kinky curly mane grew to a certain point, and then it began breaking again. At first I was disappointed, and I even cried on a few occasions. I recalled James Brown singing; “If you don’t get it the first time, back up and try it again. This gave me the courage to try yet again.

I knew the second time, I had it right, and was singing Shalamar’s “Second time around”. I kept repeating the chorus of, “Not like the first time, not like the first time.” It was all to no avail. And I thought to myself, so much for positive confession.

Surely the third time would be the charm, and I remembered a song by Mel and Tim, and I began singing, “Starting all over again is gonna be rough on us, but we’re gonna make it”. Starting all over again is gonna be hard, but I pray that the Lord will help us make it”.

Growing up I had shoulder length hair, but once I began wearing it in an afro hairstyle, and later I began using relaxers the trouble began. In 1997, my hair was once again shoulder length, without me doing anything special. Shortly after that however, stress that led to a diagnosis of panic and anxiety attacks caused me to begin pulling my hair, until it was bald in spots (i.e. trichotillomania). I’ve talked with David of covering the topic of trichotillomania in the future in this blog, as my own experience has show that homeopathy was an excellent remedy for the balding spots!

To give you an idea, this is what trichotillomania looks like. Please bear in mind that this is not me but instead a clinical case from the condition being very severe.

Trichotillomania hair loss in women

While my hair was long in the back, I had short and bald spots just below the crown. My husband cut it twice more, but the same thing continued to happen. So now my husband has cut my hair 5 times, and either I twist and pull it until it breaks, or it gets to it’s plateau and stops growing.

I have kept photos where you see me with a bald head and my hair as it grew. What you cannot see is the breakage, and locking that took place behind my head. I was so disappointed to have to cut more than 15 months worth of growth, yet again for a 5th time, but I had no choice.

If you find that your natural hair will not cooperate, because it thins, breaks, you pull it out, or perms that went wrong, please do not despair. Find a song to sing, and start over again. Analyze your steps and maintenance routine, and you will surely find out what you need to do or stop doing.

Our hair changes as we age, and that is a factor we must keep in mind. As we get older, we also no longer have the time and in some cases finances to maintain our hair as we did in our youth. I realized, I was not always keeping my ends clipped, or moisturizing as I knew I should. I also didn’t make the most of the homeopathic solutions available at the time for improve the health of my hair. I was discovering homeopathy at the time and it was a miracle that I got to learn more and more about the wonders that homeopathy can do for one’s hear and overall well-being.

Once my hair was mid length, I found I was trying to force it into a ponytail. This seems to be a trait of black women. I guess a pony tail is validation that our hair has grown. What I do not understand is why we cannot wait until we have more than enough for a ponytail before we try to wear one.

The main point is to accept your unique hair. Do not compare yourself with others. If you have to cut your hair multiple times, just keep going until you get it right. Read blogs, magazines and talk to other women dealing the same issues.


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Welcoming our new author Patricia to the team

I’m happy to announce that we have a new author joining our team, Patricia. She strives for a natural lifestyle and has used homeopathy to enhance her life. She also has experience with using homeopathy for hair care in particular, so I believe that her contributions will offer a new angle for seeing what homeopathy can do, and not just in fighting diseases.

We will be publishing her first article today, so please join me in welcoming Patricia to the team here at Hominf!


Healthy sleeping aids for a better sleep and lifestyle


Sleeping is crucial to overall well-being. It allows our bodies and our minds to recover, There is evidence that going even two nights without proper sleep may weaken the immune system considerably. Lack of sleep slows reaction time and affects alertness, mood, hand-eye\ coordination, and short term memory. It may also cause weight gain because the body craves extra calories to create more energy without enough sleep.

Healthy Sleep aids and tips

Resist the temptation to take over-the-counter sleeping pills. Research shows that about half of the people who habitually use sleeping pills experience worsening insomnia. Moreover, these medications can cause a wide range of side effects,

Instead of a sleeping pill, consider Valerian root, California poppy, hops, kava kava, passionflower, and skullcap in capsule or extract form. A recent study found that the combination of Valerian and hops extract improved sleep for insomnia sufferers, In the evening each subject took two tablets, each of which contained 250 mg valerian extract and 60 mgs hops extract.

Also consider taking nutritional supplements, such as brewer’s yeast, calcium, and magnesium. Deficiencies of B vitamins are associated with insomnia: Take 1 tsp (or 1500 mg) of brewers yeast- a good source of the B family–one hour before you go to bed. Recent studies have shown that melatonin, a hormone normally produced in the body at night, may help to stabilize the body’s sleep cycle.

To set the stage for sleep, try aromatherapy: lavender oil, neroli, and ylang-ylang help promote sleep. Add a few drops of pure essential oil to a hot bath or massage oil. You can also light a lavender-scented candle, or add oil to a diffuser in your bedroom.

Personal update: we’re getting married!

Hello David here!

We want to keep this site relevant to alternative medicine, but we also want to give make this site a place where you can feel at home. This a little bit of knowing about us running this site I guess is always a good thing as this site isn’t just bytes and CPU :-)

I wanted to let you all know that Carla and I are getting married! I proposed to her yesterday and she said “YES”. We have been dating for 4 years and this was the next step in our relationship, plus I know she was waiting for me to say it as she has been wanting to get married for ages!

Life is all about sharing moments of happiness. Personal relationships make you happy, love makes you happy and health makes you happy. I can say without a doubt that the “alternative medicine” field (including homeopathy and Feng Shui) has played a primordial role in my life and in keeping me healthy and tuned in to living in this busy and stress-full society!

Much love, dear friends.

David and Carla

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Defining Fitness in the context of holistic health

on rock

Within the spectrum that defines alternative medicine and homeopathy, fitness is one of those fields that is slowly gaining traction as part of the holistic medical approach used by both homeopaths and naturopaths. The American Physical Therapy Association approaches fitness by looking at six key elements: Aerobic Capacity, Body Composition, Body Balance, Muscular Strength, Body Structure, Muscular Flexibility.

Fitness is defined by physical therapists as a state of optimal health in which the body’s systems are conditioned to withstand physical stress and operate without injury. Each of the six key elements plays an important role in total body fitness. These are outlined below:


This deals with the body’s ability to transport oxygen via the cardiovascular system. This is usually improved by exercising at your target heart rate (60 to 80 percent of your maximum heart rate). Most people calculate this by using the following formula- (220 – age = maximum heart rate, then max heart rate x 60%= target heart rate). Thirty minutes of aerobic exercise per day is the recommended amount in the target heart rate range.


This is the ratio of body fat to lean body mass. Ideal body fat varies from person to person, but the general ideal range is 10-15 percent of total body mass for males, and 15 to 22 percent for females. Athletes usually have much less body fat than these numbers! Don’t be discouraged if you gain a few pounds when you begin a fitness program- it just means you are increasing your muscle mass!


Neurological testing evaluates the balance system controlled by your brain, inner ear, and sensory systems of the body. Even a minor balance problem can make you at risk for injury- especially in sports. If this is a problem, your physical therapist can give you some exercises to help improve your balance and total body performance.


Your muscles should not only be flexible, but they should be able to exert force and control movements. Strengthening should be selected to condition the muscles you will use to perform your activity of choice. For example, if you are a runner, your main strengthening focus would be your legs.


This deals with the actual alignment of the body. Even a small imbalance in the way you stand may lead to injury over time. Generally, exercises are recommended to offset weak areas, and stretch out tight areas.


Your muscles should be flexible to allow full pain-free range of motion of all your joints. Muscles should be able to lengthen without much effort to allow you to do all the activities of the day. A shortened or inflexible muscle is more susceptible to stress and injury, and should be addressed with your general fitness program.

There are several other factors that affect fitness in addition to those listed above. Smoking, poor nutrition, alcohol, caffeine, and a family health history that includes diabetes, heart disease, or high blood pressure will affect your general fitness. Some of these factors are controllable through change in habits, while some may require medication. These should all be considered when beginning a fitness program.

How do you get started?

Decide what activities you like to do and map out a plan to be able to do them several times a week. Consult a physical therapist that specializes in Orthopedic and sports physical therapy. Ask your therapist to give you a fitness evaluation to determine your current fitness level, and develop a plan to improve your present condition. You may emphasize one or two of the six elements of fitness in your program, but remember fitness is a total body approach! You should consult your physician prior to beginning a program.

Moving forward in the disability health space

We keep an eye on all related to disabilities in both Europe and the USA. As I have mentioned about homeopathy in society, we are aiming to integrate our discipline into the different fields of western medicine. Homepathy in Europe is slowly moving in the right direction, and one of our supporting public organization is the European Disability Forum which creates a resource for planning and implementation of pro-disability measures. As such, we’d like to post here too their welcoming news on their new Executive Director who does also back the proposal from the homeopathic bodies in Europe.

It is with great pleasure that I am announcing today the nomination of Nicola Bedlington as EPF Executive Director. Nicola is a skilled senior manager with strong European policy, advocacy, campaigning and fundraising skills. She currently is Head of the Secretariat of the Environment and School Initiative (an internation al government-based research network on school development and education for sustainable development. This network is set up by the OECD).

new pactNicola’s experience includes work for the European Disability Forum as Director from 1997 to 1999 (EDF is an umbrella NGO of 70 European organizations and 15 national councils of disabled people, set up in 1996 to promote equal opportunities and advance the human rights of the millions of disabled citizens in the EU). From 1991 to 2006, Nicola has also been a European Commission expert responsible for project evaluation and coordination of subsidies and a co-founder of the European Social Policy Platform. Nicola is also a freelance consultant. Nicola will effectively start working for EPF in June 1. I am sure you will join me in welcoming Nicola who will be a great asset to EPF.

At the same time I would also like to thank Annette Dumas for her support and dedicated work for EPF. Her support to me as the President, has made the hard work we have done possible. Annette is moving on to other functions with Alzheimer Europe at the end of March 2015, I wish her all the best in her new function and look forward to seeing her again in some of our meetings.

Vision of Health with Homeopathy in our society

We want to provide thoughtful, reasoned, responsible information by using homeopathy and all that it implies. Unfortunately, there are many gaps in our present understanding of the specifics of how to use homeopathy on a national scale.

lots of medicines

According to the former National Council Against Health Fraud, the goal is to, with other homeopathy websites, present articles and essays from many different opinion leaders in homeopathy. They may not always agree. Such is the nature of opinions. Additionally, we will be working with other homeopathic organizations to create emergency homeopathic assistance teams. It is our firm belief that homeopathy has much to offer in the immediate aftermath of a crisis as well as in the preparation for it. Further, homeopaths must be involved in the initial assessment if we are to rapidly determine the genus epidemicus that will aid in the quick containment of the inciting event. We welcome your input, ideas, and personal contacts with people who may be able to be influential in furthering the use of homeopathy for the health of the nation. Please visit this site often for new information as this effort evolves.

Homeopathy and the Health system

bottle with psychotropic remedyAt first glance, homeopathy seems implausible. The medicines (also known as remedies) are ultra-high dilution substances (in the range of 10-3 g/cc to over 10-100,000 g/cc) that counter-intuitively are observed to be more clinically effective with increasing dilution. An impediment to determining such a mechanism seems to be that many scientists have been unable to conceive of information transfer in biological systems at a sub-molecular level. Clearly the high dilution factor leads one to abandon theories at the molecular level and search in the areas of energy transfer. This field is not palatable to many conventional scientists, although in a technological age where we are surrounded by the imperceptible energy of radio, satellite, and cell-phone transmissions, it is time to get beyond such Newtonian thinking.

While the actual mechanism of action of homeopathic medicines has yet to be determined, it has long been theorized that the polarity of the molecular structure of the water used as diluent plays an important role. Recently reported research demonstrated that dissolved molecules instead of moving further apart with increasing dilution actually did the opposite and clumped together. Further research will be needed to elucidate this phenomenon. In the mean time, research into clinical applications for the current crisis facing U.S. public health using existing protocols for the evaluation of efficacy should be expedited. Although improvements in supportive care and the availability of antibiotics will save more lives now than in previous epidemics, this comes at significant cost. Based on previous experience, potentially billions of dollars may be saved by employing homeopathic methodology in the current crisis.

Having a great 2015!

We wish you all a great 2015 with plenty of health and fitness. Remember that alternative medicine and personal care has the answers for your health questions, and that nature has a supernatural way to health and energise.

Live life to the fullest!

David and Carla

dave and carla

Hair Growth and Hair Care with Wild Growth Hair Oil

When we see our favourite celebrities in magazines or on TV or the big screen, many of us turn a particularly unflattering shade of green due to pure envy. The cause of this unpleasant fit of jealousy? Their fabulous flowing locks. Many a survey has revealed that we envy their hair more than their looks, skin or clothes.

hair growth for men

It’s true that hair is your crowning glory, and if yours if flat and lacklustre without a trace of a shine, you feel as flat as your hair looks. There have been many products over the years that promised us the hair of superstars, they miserable failed to live up to their promises and, after relieving us of our hard earned cash, disappeared off the shelves never to be seen again.

So when yet another product comes into prominence which comes complete with seemingly outrageous claims it tends to be greeted with an exceptionally large dose of salt. Wild Growth Hair Oil promises great things with very little effort and in a very short space of time. The burning question is: can one reasonably priced product give you fast growth, deep conditioning, improved texture, softness and increased thickness?

Astonishingly, the answer is yes it can! Wild Hair Growth Oil is an amazing product and those suffering from flat hair syndrome should seriously invest a few pounds in this product. It works by massaging a few drops into your scalp a few times a week. This ensures that it gets right to the place where it can absorb the nourishments before you see the results; at the roots.

The hair that is visible on our heads in old and, for want of a better word, dead. Many of us, particularly after a night out and an overdose of products, have woken up with a tangled mess of dry hair that resembles a haystack in a tornado. We then inflict even more damage on it by trying to drag a brush or comb through the tangles to make us presentable.

This common occurrence can also be remedied simply by applying Wild Growth Hair Oil. By tipping some into our hands and applying it to one section of hair at a time, the oil will absorb into the dry hair and make combing and untangling a much quicker and easier task. The oil is so light that it will absorb right into the hair without leaving it looking at all greasy or unwashed.

The ingredients in Wild Hair Growth Oil are all natural and pure; Olive, Coconut and Jojoba oils, Vitamin D, Iron, Magnesium, Inositol and Calcium all work together to give you a product which, finally, really does do what it says on the tin. The oil penetrates the scalp into the roots and follicles and gives the yet-to-be formed hair the nourishment it needs to encourage faster, thicker and more lustrous growth.

One of the more unusual uses for this oil is in the use of it to control oily hair, yes really. Greasy hair is a major problem for many, they spend a fortune on expensive shampoos to control imbalance in their hair, yet after only a few hours have the appearance of having rinsed their hair with the contents of a chip pan. This problem is simply remedied by applying 5-15 drops to the hair and scalp after washing. This also improves the appearance of fine and soft hair too.

There are many forums and blogs online which give the testimonials of satisfied users, rarely has a product of this type received such unadulterated praise and so little dissatisfaction. What may surprise many is that Wild Growth Hair Oil is not a new product, it has been around for a few years now but its mass popularity has until now been thwarted by the limited outlets it was available from.

As it is now freely available online, this cult product is now finding its way into bathroom cabinets the length and breadth of the country. It’s a pleasure to review a product that doesn’t have a list of cons to counteract the pros, and having spoken to satisfied users and seen the results, it does seem as if Wild Hair Growth Oil is THE hair product that everyone should try.

No singular product can change the world, that’s a simple statement of fact, but when one small bottle that won’t bring the bank can relieve the hair issues of millions, its worth shouting about. What have any of us got to lose by giving it a go? Remember this is a bottle of oil, not a magic wand. You won’t go to bed and wake up with a head of hair like Julia Roberts, give it a chance to do its work and you should see pretty spectacular results in a relatively short space of time.